Our rewards program is finally here! At Trovelle, our greatest award is the appreciation of our customers and making them happy.

You can start earning points by taking actions such as joining our rewards program, placing an order, following us on social media, referring family and friends, and even celebrating your birthday. The points do not expire, so you can use them whenever you want.

How does it work?

It's very simple! Every time you make a rewardable action, you are awarded points which can be redeemed towards future purchases.

Here are a few examples as of January 2024:

  • Joining the program is free and you are immediately awarded 200 points by registering for a new Trovelle account.
  • Place an order! You are awarded 5 points for every $1 spent.
  • Follow or share on social media and you are awarded with 100 points.*
  • Refer a friend! We will send you a $10 coupon when your friend makes a purchase. Your friend also saves $10 on their purchase!
  • Set your birthday and get awarded 200 points when it's time to celebrate your next birthday.**

We also offer special coupons when you achieve certain point levels, and we run special promotions, which are exclusive to program members.

Join today!

* This is an honor system. We trust our customers since there is no way to verify these actions with social media platforms at this time.

** Points are awarded on birthdays and are not immediately available for use. If you birthday is in the next thirty days, your points will be awarded the following year on the that special date. You can always contact us to manually award you points for your birthday should you encounter any issues with this feature. We love to make our customers happy!