Eyewear Protection Plans by XCover

Accidental Coverage For Your Eyewear Purchase

In today's world, it seems like the unexpected is bound to happen anytime, even to durable and long lasting eyewear. We've been there ourselves and that's why we've partnered with XCover to allow you to purchase simple, affordable, and stress-free accidental protection for your eyewear purchase.

Because Life Happens!

Eyewear accidents can be costly and frustrating. By repairing or replacing damaged eyewear fast, XCover Protection gives extra peace of mind. Scratched lenses, broken temples and bridges are all covered.


When disaster strikes, realizing the existing manufacturer warranty does not offer proper coverage is a major disappointment. XCover Protection fills in the gaps. Say goodbye to the fine print and limitations in your existing warranty.


Unfortunate incident? A super-fast claims process makes it easy to get things sorted out, while instant payments mean less waiting around and more time in the sun.

XCover Protection FAQs

Who is XCover?

XCover is owned by Cover Genius, the insurtech for embedded protection.

Cover Genius has won dozens of industry awards for its claims handling and customer support and has investment from one of the world’s largest insurers, Sompo.

XCover is trusted by Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Descartes ShipRush and smaller stores such as Trovelle.

XCover's policies are backed by some of the world's largest insurance companies including Lloyd’s, Generali, Sompo, Swiss Re and Munich Re.

What is XCover eyewear protection?

Over 6 million customers trust XCover Protection to keep their purchases safe. It's the same coverage you get from popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay and Wayfair.

Eyewear accidents can be costly and frustrating. By repairing or replacing damaged eyewear fast, XCover Eyewear Protection gives extra peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Is there a deductible?

No. There is no deductible.

What am I covered for?

Depending on your item, you may be covered for accidental damage, defects and stains as well as mechanical breakdown during normal wear and tear.

To find out more about your specific protection, you can view your policy wording during the checkout process or log in to your XCover Account to view your policy wording after purchase.

How do I purchase eyewear protection?

It's really simple. You can add XCover Protection to your shopping bag when purchasing eyewear items. XCover Protection may not be available with some items.

If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please contact us.

How long is my protection plan?

Your protection starts on the day of purchase, and it's valid for the period that's shown in the wording and certificate.

To access your protection wording, login to your XCover Account.

Is my plan tied to a specific item?

Yes. When you purchase an item and the corresponding XCover Protection, the coverage is specific for that item.

If you item has a unique serial number, your XCover Protection is specific to that serialized item.

This means the policy can't be substituted for another product, even if it's the same make and model.

Your item is mentioned in your policy wording (it can take up to three days after purchase to show).

To view the wording or make changes, just login to your XCover Account.

How do I access my XCover account?

To access your XCover account, you will need to activate your account.

Simply find the XCover confirmation SMS or email in your inbox and click the link to set up your XCover Account.

From your XCover Account, you can make a claim, make changes or view your protection documents.

How do I make a claim?

The XCover claims process is quick and hassle-free, with payment or reimbursement for approved claims processed instantly.

XCover aims to complete 95% of claims within 3 days of claim filing, so keep a close eye on your emails to ensure there’s no delay.

When you first visit XCover you will need to activate your account. Simply find the confirmation email from XCover in your inbox and click the link to set up your XCover Account.

Once your account is activated, visit XCover Claims to get started.

What happens with returns and exchanges?

When items are exchanged for the same items, your XCover Protection will remain active.

When items are returned or orders are cancelled, the XCover Protection will be canceled automatically.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions regarding Protection Plans by XCover, please don't desistate to contact us.