We get asked a lot about what "Trovelle" means and how it is pronounced. Our brand name is sort of a portmanteau, blending the English word "trove" with the French word "elle". Trovelle is a store of valuable and delightful things, mainly focused on women's luxury fashion, hence the word "elle" in French, which translates to "her" or "she" in English.


The word "trove" typically refers to a collection or discovery of valuable or interesting things. It implies a sense of uncovering hidden treasures or unique finds. By incorporating "trove" into our brand name, Trovelle conveys the fact that the products we carry are carefully curated and represent a collection of exceptional items.


In French, "elle" means "she" in English. By incorporating this word, Trovelle aims to evoke a sense of femininity or appeal to a female audience. It also implies that the majority of our products are tailored to meet the needs and preferences of women or our feminine side.

Combining "trove" and "elle" in our brand name suggests a fusion of discovering valuable items and catering to the female audience. It reflects the brand's focus on providing unique, high-quality products primarily for women, with an emphasis on curated collections and hidden treasures.

Trovelle™ is your treasure trove!

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