Sunglasses, oh fashionable flair,
A stylish accessory that's beyond compare.
A shield from the sun, and a shield from the view,
A statement piece that brings out the "you".

With lenses dark and frames of gold,
A fashionista's story can be told.
Round or square, big or small,
A fashion statement that stands tall.

From movie stars to fashion models,
Sunglasses have been the accessories of the bold.
A trend that never seems to fade,
With designs that are always in the shade.

From sporty to chic, there's a style for all,
A finishing touch that completes any fall.
And when the sun sets, and the night begins,
Sunglasses become a fashion win.

So wear them with pride, and don't be afraid,
To make a statement that will never fade.
For sunglasses are not just for the eyes,
But a fashion staple that will never die.